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Información de la industria

The Morphological Characteristics of Huanglian


Morphological characteristics

Coptis Chinensis FranchsStonehenge Huanglian

Biological traits

The stone column Huanglian is the dry rhizome (flavor connection) of Ranunculaceae Huanglian plant Huanglian Coptis chinensis Franch., which is cultivated by shade, lixia seed harvesting, autumn sowing (two years in seedling stage), Spring transplanting, five years after autumn mining, shaking off sediment, cutting roots, stem and leaf, kang firewood drying, bamboo cage hair removal,

Crash the residual roots and sediment, remove impurities is the finished product. Products are clustered into clusters, often bent, shaped like chicken claws, so commonly known as  "Chicken Claw company ", medicinal products for  "Flavor company ". The surface is grayish yellow or yellowish brown, rough, with irregular detail bulges, roots and roots residues, and some internodes have smooth surfaces such as stems. Upper multiple residual brown scales, often with residual stems or petioles at the top. Hard, untidy section, orange red or dark brown skin, bright yellow or orange wood, radially arranged, some hollow medulla.

Qi Micro, taste extremely bitter. The main product contains Berberine (berberine), also contains Huanglian alkali, methyl huanglian alkali, palm leaf anti-alkali, African anti-alkali, palm alkali, bamatine alkali and other alkaloids, still contains cypress, Huang ester. Sex cold, bitter taste. Into the heart, liver, gall, spleen, stomach, large intestine six sutra.

Quality Features
Stone column  "Shennong brand " Huanglian has the characteristics of branch fertilizer, thick meat, strip length, color and active ingredients, its berberine (Berberine) (also known as berberine) content of 5.20-7.69% ("Chinese Pharmacopoeia" 2000 edition provisions must not be less than 3.6%); Huanglian alkaloids (Huanglian alkali ( Coptise), methyl huanglian alkali (Worenine), Bamatine (Palmatine), drug root alkali (Jatrorrhizine), etc.) content of less than 0.5%. In addition, Magnolia Alkali (Magnoforine) and a green fluorescent acid (LUMICARULEICACID), or ferulic acid (Ferulic acid), are still included.

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