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Información de la industria

Effect of Coptis


Effect of Coptis Effect of Coptis, Coptis, Efficacy of raw materials Alias: Yunlian, Yalian, Chuan Lian, Wei Lian, Ji Lian, Wang Lian, Zhi Lian Oral: Jiantang, 1.5 to 3 grams; To 0.6 grams; or into the pill, scattered.
For external use: appropriate amount, dressing at the end of the dressing; or frying, washing, dipping, and dipping.
Evil stomach evil, spleen deficiency diarrhea, five more kidney diarrhea, are careful.
Production guide
1. Treatment of fever with high fever, hot and humid steaming, heat poisoning flaming Zhu Zheng should be used; governance liver fire inflammation, red eyes and swelling, headache, wine should stir fry; rule stomach heat vomiting ginger sauce; fried liver guilty of stomach, Sore throat and sour sauce should be mixed with stir-fry.
2. Huanglian with Astragalus, rhubarb, etc., can cure damp heat intrinsic disease.
3. For hot and humid nostalgia, often with Pinellia, Zhuru to vomiting, with woody, astragalus, Pueraria, etc. to cure diarrhea.
4. It has a good effect on fever, fever, and heartburn. It is often used together with Hawthorn and Forsythia.
5. For blood heat limping, it can be used with Huangqi and Rhubarb.
6. For heat sores, it can be used with other drugs such as red peony and paeonol.
7. It is used for the euphoria of stomach fire and can be used together with TCS, Anemarrhena, and habitat.
8. External use of Coptis juice eyes, can cure fire Shenghong; coating mouth. Can cure mouth sores. The therapeutic effects of Coptis chinensis are bitter, cold, and return to the heart, liver, stomach, and large intestine;
The quality is strong, and it decreases slightly; it has the effect of clearing heat, purging fire, dampness and detoxification.
Indications fever Fever B, high fever, irritability, God faint language; heart fire Sheng, chest tightness, upset, insomnia, mouth tongue sores; blood stasis, vomiting blood, blood clot; liver fire red sore throat; stomach heat vomiting, Diabetes, swollen gums; hot and humid stomach, abdominal fullness, diarrhea, diarrhea; fever sore, eczema, burns. Other related "Outline" cloud: "Its root is colored yellow, hence the name." Remarks According to the different processing methods, it is divided into berberine, fried berberine, berberine, berberine, turmeric, berberine, bile berberine, after processing In the storage and drying container, berberine, turmeric, peony, and bile berberine are closed and placed in a cool and dry place
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